The foundation imagines a four-phased plan of curricular intervention on behalf of the students of the Detroit Public Schools and Greater Detroit:

1) Establishment of a beachhead of rigorous Ancient Greek based classical instruction in a handful of DPS elementary and high school sites

2) Recruitment and training of DGL assistant instructors to expand capacity for online instruction and extend instruction into middle school classrooms

3) Foundation of a brick and mortar site in northwest Detroit for face-to-face DGL; hiring and deployment of full-time instructors of Latin and Greek throughout the DPS system

4) Extension of DGL curriculum to include geometry, computer code, social studies, and Great Books based instruction—imitative of the Columbia University Common Core (Literature Humanities, Contemporary Civilization, Art Humanities) and foundation of a downtown private academy. (In the best of all possible worlds located in the Detroit News building, preserving the functionality of the historically significant library, and steps away from the largest used bookstore in Michigan.)