DGL Manifesto

Detroit Greek and Latin (hereafter DGL) is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit dedicated to offering Greater Detroit area students the opportunity to learn Ancient Greek and Latin — the optimum foundation for high-level literacy, critical thinking, historical understanding, and verbal eloquence. In addition, DGL works to fortify existing Latin programs and to increase the rigor of classics and language arts curricula in general — especially within the Detroit Public Schools.

Every student deserves access to a classical education in accord with the highest standards: one anchored in Ancient Greek language and literature. Every bright and earnest elementary student deserves a taste of Homer in the original. Every beginner of Latin should have opportunity of arriving at AP (Advanced Placement™) status in Latin (and/or Greek).

In order to better comprehend the world in which he or she lives, every student should know how to think about ancient artifacts, societies, peoples, and literature. Every thoughtful adult deserves exposure to the wisdom, artistry, and heroics of antiquity. Through adult education courses and lectures, DGL works to extend public awareness of Greek and Latin tradition. In consultation with administrators, principals, and teachers, DGL works to increase the overall rigor of language arts, global languages, social studies, and STEM instruction.