The Detroit Greek and Latin Educational Foundation

The Detroit Greek and Latin Educational Foundation (DGLEF) is 501(c)(3) a public non-profit supporting the efforts of Detroit Greek and Latin (DGL).
Its threefold objective seeks to expose Detroit's urban youth to:

  • The literary and aesthetic enrichment connected with the study of Greek and Latin authors in their original languages

  • The spiritual and physical uplift afforded by an encounter with the unspoiled and majestic beauty of Glacier National Park and the Great Lakes region

  • The unlimited opportunities — for intellectual exaltation, professional advancement, and extraordinary friendships — afforded by admission to Ivy League colleges

Having secured them for myself, I determined to seek others who might benefit from the spirit expanding power of nature at its most pristine, the literature of Greece and Rome, and the opportunities afforded by matriculation in our nation's top universities. The Detroit of my youth was a much gentler time than now: fifteen year-olds did not shoot it out in the street with semi-automatic weapons; they just stole one another's bicycles (I myself lost 2). DGLEF is my attempt to open, at least for some, a way beyond the city's morass; to institutionalize, in the form of a public non-profit, a route of access to the wisdom and culture of antiquity, America's elite campuses, and the Last Best Place.




The right way to lead a city is this: Just as a good farmer naturally looks after his young plants first and the rest later, so first one must look after the youth of the City, so that they will be as good as possible.