Donors, Politicians and Citizens,
---Lend me thy ears!

The Detroit Greek and Latin Educational Foundation (DGLEF) is a (501(c)(3)) public non-profit supporting the efforts of Detroit Greek and Latin. All DGL services—including books and materials—are offered to the Detroit Public Schools absolutely free of cost. Expansion of DGL programs and services throughout the DPS system will occur in proportion to the growth of the DGLEF endowment.
On behalf of DPS (and Greater Detroit) students, DGLEF envisions:

  1. Launch at three DPS high schools (Renaissance, Martin Luther King, and Detroit Collegiate Prep at Northwestern), making DGL curriculum available to over 0-0-0 students (August 2014) — See Action Plan for DPS.
  2. Recruit (effective NOW) and train candidates for DGL certification — See Greek the DGL Way and DGL Reading Lists.
  3. Purchase and outfit a brick and mortar site, DGL Chess tournaments, DGLEF fundraising, and central administration. — See DGL Mission Statement.
  4. Outfit as many as possible DPS site libraries and Great Detroit public libraries with the basic reference works and central texts of the DGL syllabus. — See DGL Reading Lists.
  5. Expand DGL curriculum into elementary and middle school grades, making a rigorous classical education available to every student at every facility through digital and remote tutorial means. —See Action Plan for DPS.
  6. Expand to a full-service central location Pinnacle curriculum to include geometry, computer code, architecture, engineering, etc; and expand into a full-service institution. — See DGL Vision Plan.

Donate to DGL
DGL's inaugural year budget (school-year 2014-15) including textbooks ($80/student), materials (pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, book-bags), instructor salaries, and administrative costs has been estimated at $125K. DGL's executive director is (in theory, mind you!) paid a yearly salary of 40K — not including gas for the 8-cylinder beast, aka "Bat mobile 2.0"— our leader's 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee!
Excepting our noble leader (40K with, all members of the DGL Central Board serve for free. — See DGL Budget 2014-2018. At present DGLEF has no paid staff, but is serviced entirely by volunteers. For each full-time instructor added, DGL's budget is expected to expand by 75K. Your generous support in reaching these goals is greatly appreciated.

(The original Bat Mobile)