Needs: the screens of our seminar room need to be restored (Materials and Labor $400); Last year during a ferocious thunderstorm a 10 foot tree was snapped like a tooth-pick about 30 feet from its base and it fell on one of the historically significant out-buildings (from the original Charlie Weise ranch); a proper restoration is beyond the reach of DGL at GNP, but at least the roof and corner of the building can be closed against the elements. The upper part of the tree nipped the corner of the storage barn and opened up a 10 by 15 feet gash; but many of the original beams survived (Materials and Labor 4K to 20K). Square Peg Ranch is insured only against fire.

If you would like your donation to go specifically to these items write "Square Peg Ranch" in the left lower note space of the check, making the checks out to: John Frederick.

Mail checks to either to John or WMRIII:
c/o The North Fork Hostel,
80 Beaver Dr.,
Polebridge MT, 59928

Donations to repair Square Peg Ranch are not tax-deductible under DGLEF