GREEK IN GLACIER (at Square Peg Ranch)

A summer Greek and Latin Intensive

Greek in Glacier™ is a summer program for the intensive study of Greek and Latin located in the northwest "primitive" corner of Glacier National Park in NW Montana. Classes are held within walking distance of the village site of Polebridge, MT–an "off the grid" community consisting of three commercial establishments (the Polebridge Mercantile & Bakery, the Northern Lights Saloon, and the North Fork Hostel) surrounded by a scattered assortment of cabins both rental and private.

Two miles away from the Polebridge Ranger Station, Polebridge village is a launching point for backcountry adventure, day hikes, river-raft trips, mountain bike rides, photographic expositions, or quiet lakeside contemplation (Bowman and Kintla).  During the day, the Polebridge Bakery hums with friendly activity. Evenings, an open-air party atmosphere reigns at the Northern Lights Saloon as fierce games of volleyball are contested on an adjacent sand court.
Twenty miles of dirt ("the road") shield Polebridge from the crush and bustle of Glacier National Park's main tourist arteries. This idyllic seclusion renders Polebridge a place of both spectacular beauty and deep calm—the perfect spot for an intensive, but relaxed, study of Greek and Latin, a genuine amoenus locus. All courses are taught by Walter M. Roberts III PhD (UC Berkeley Classics, 2006). In order to provide a personalized tutorial experience, enrollment for each course will be capped at 6 persons.

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"The way all Montana used to be."
There is no Internet connection,
Your cell-phone will not work.
You are off the grid
In wild paradise
Talking language, history, politics, law, philosophy, poetry, and human nature

In the presence ancient souls and texts.
Bringing together tribal, urban, suburban, and rural youth--Black, Brown, White, and Red


To listen to the wind;
To read, to write, to feel, to reflect,
To listen in the dark of night, beneath a blaze of stars,
For the low whispering flow of the North Fork River--a mile away,
A place to breath, a place to dare, a place to come to γνῶθι σεαυτόν (know thyself)

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