Approximately 1,000 Grizzly Bears range beneath the Canadian border along the spine of the Livingston Range down into Yellowstone Park. Glacier National Park and the Flathead National Forest are bear-central. If you spend the summer in Polebridge you are likely to see a bear from your car, but unlikely to see one on foot.  In Glacier the question is not "How many bears did you see?" but rather "How many bears saw YOU?" The bears of the great northern woods are shy and illusive creatures, and will rarely approach a human being, except out of curiosity or in perceived self-defense. But any bear will happily raid a cooler left on a picnic table—in the grandest spirit of Yogi. But, generally speaking, a bear does not want to come into contact with a human being and will avoid such contact if it can. But, if you are deathly afraid of bears and would entirely loose your head if you ever came face to face with one, then you have no business being in the North Fork, Glacier, or Yellowstone. (Better to do summer Greek at Berkeley or the CUNY Graduate Center.)