The primary accommodations are to be arranged by students themselves independently at the North Fork Hostel (
The hostel provides a wide array of options: tent camping, dorm-style "bunk house", teepee, cabin or trailer rentals. All these accommodations are 'rough' and 'primitive' (outhouse toilet facilities and a single shared shower)--fully in accord with the spirit of Polebridge, MT.

Less rough--but more expensive-- accommodations can be arranged with the numerous "rent-by-owner" venders to be found at:

Long-term camping in the vicinity of Polebridge, MT

Camping in Glacier National Park requires payment of a $20/night fee.  These fees help to pay for the niceties of National Park campsites (i.e. well-water, pit-toilets, picnic tables, camping rings, bear-poles, and the rest).

Camping in the Flathead National Forest is free (the meaning of "public land": not only for the timber companies but also for you!), but has none of the amenities of Glacier National Park. One's toilet must be dug, one's water must be hauled in; one's garbage hauled out. One is simply alone in the woods with one gear. Numerous such sites are within 20 minutes of Polebridge by car. Forest Service regulations require that camp must be moved from time to time: every other week (in the depths of the forest) or every few days (at the choicest sites near Polebridge, one the banks of the North Fork of the Flathead River). Camping rough in the National Forest is not recommended for novice campers, and is absolutely prohibitive for persons disinclined to follow the rules of camping in Bear Country.